No one can understand how I deal with people who have done me wrong. Why I don’t stand my ground, hate, or keep a grudge for long. But to do as they say, I found, will only prolong the pain I felt, the bitterness you hear born in a song. They see it as weakness but it’s where I’m from, it’s my essence of good that makes me strong.

Leo Legacy

When you are faced with difficulties from others, when close ones, friends, family, or colleagues have hurt you or someone in the public has done you wrong. It is natural to feel some hate, hurt and regret towards them, most people would get angry or feel the need to get them back in revenge. Taking this action might seem more like the stronger thing to do, standing up for yourself and striking them down. But it is never going to resolve anything for you.

You might think, “well yes but it will teach them a lesson” but getting yourself back involved into the negative situation which caused your pain, by taking a negative and harsh reaction will just pull you further down into darkness. Loaning from Karma to cast your negative will back onto others who have wronged you. It appears to work initially and might make you fell, what you describe as “good” but what goes around comes around, unless you step out of it, Karma will take back all its owed from you.

Once you have stepped away, allowed the negative emotions, hurt, pain, or upset to flow through you, around you and over you, you become much stronger. This strength is enormously powerful, trees that give way to the storm and bend, becoming flexible, not fighting against the storm but flow with it, are the ones who survive it. The stiff rugged trees are uprooted, snap and crash into things causing chaos and destruction.

If possible, you should try Not to let the situation get to you in the first place, allow the emotions to flow through you, and not hold onto it, if it does. A famous word to describe a range of reactive negative emotions is the feeling of burn, or being burnt, you can feel intense heat inside your chest almost making you feel humiliated, frustrated, and angry ready to react. If you can stop yourself from reacting so quickly and sit with that emotion or feeling, you can observe it for what it is.

It’s an automatic push button, that anyone can press, by acting, or doing something towards you, so it’s like a string attached to your chest, whenever it’s pulled, it burns. But you give others that string and allow them to pull it! By saying or doing the things that caused the original upset. Seeing how much power you give complete strangers, people on social media, or even close friends and loved ones, you can start to break the strings, and stop the burn, anger, or negative emotions from arising, slowly but surely, they will start to make you chuckle instead of reacting negatively.

So, to help yourself, stop being affected by others that have done you wrong, you can look at it as your puppet strings to your pain and emotions, you put in their hands. That is the only reason what others do or say hurts or burns. Just cut your string, no other person should be allowed to control how you think and feel inside by doing you wrong.

Shrug your shoulders and know they lose out while you gradually gain stronger. Hopefully, that will allow you to not feel the need to react so quickly and stop you from any other types of emotions getting to you. Remain unshaken, allow who ever or whatever it is that’s smacked you in the face, to just flow straight through you, without stopping.

Who are the strongest? the one who gets hurt angry, reacts to the fly buzzing, and kills it, or the one who notices the fly buzzing around but allows it to land on him without a first thought.

Leo Legacy

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