Everything you go through in life, mostly will remain un-written, just memories in your head which become vague and disappear. For traumatic experiences this could be a good thing, however I have found that writing everything down, thoughts, feelings, and anything in between has an unusual benefit to me.

When you are feeling down and being haunted by thoughts, try, and find the emotion that is making you feel this way and see if you can overcome it. Rest your mind and soul, writing down exactly how you think and feel about the situation.

As if you are talking to a friend or even a random listener, someone who is out of any situation and someone you can be honest too without feeling judged. Make sure you go all out and describe as much as possible, even if it brings you to a low place.

Detail all your emotions and write down what you would like to happen and how you would like to feel at the end. You write it all out, leaving out no details as no one else will ever read it. It needs to be detailed, honest and precisely how you feel about everything, all written on the page or screen.

Then, you read it back, just read it back over as many times as feels right. Then again tomorrow, then again whenever you feel this way. Reading it back and looking at it from a third person perspective to your own thoughts, with your own thoughts, you bring about a better perception of your situation, and can advise yourself on what to do without being so heavily involved in the feelings and emotions.

There comes a powerful ability of being able to perceive the situation by yourself from a unique perspective to the thoughts that wrote it out. It is as if there is another person in you, who does not feel this way and can see it from a third person. You are now the listener of your problems, situation and thoughts that haunt it.

It’s not the writing that helps, it’s the perspective of reading it back and being able to observe and advise yourself on your own feelings.

Like you are your own Guru, the process of reading it back makes the problems, thoughts and feelings almost disappear and gives you the answers you need.

Just one step towards re-establishing and rediscovering yourself I took which to this day prevents feelings that have haunted my whole life to disappear.

One emotion that I have overcome which hasn’t returned for over 2 years, was loneliness. I can’t remember the last time I felt that emotion, I used this process three to four time with different situations, but the underlying emotion that made me feel bad was loneliness.

I am still alone 90% of my life, but there is no thoughts or emotions that take me over. For honesty’s value I do sometimes think and feel something during Christmas and or birthdays, but it’s not a problem I react in a negative manor too.

I hope you can use this practice to actively overcome some things in your own life.

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